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Loves a good story
and wants to tell yours.  
Skills and Software

Video and Audio Editing,

Motion Graphics, Visual Effects, Directing, Producing, Encoding, Video Formatting, Color Correction,

Video Mattes, Green Screen, Scriptwriting, Music Composition, Acting, Voiceovers

Final Cut Pro, Apple Motion, 

Adobe Suite Software (Premiere, Photoshop, After Effect, Audition) Soundtrack Pro, Digital Performer,

DVD Studio Pro, Compressor,

Native Instruments

Originally from Pennsylvania with a theater degree from Carnegie-Mellon University,  I'm currently the Production Design Manager for

Retail Entertainment Design in Seattle, WA.  


I gained 13 years of experience as a Video Editor and Producer for Screenplay and Channel M before joining the team at R-E-D, and was promoted from Producer to Production Design Manager in 2014.  In this capacity I oversee production of original video and audio content for high-end retail clients. I am responsible for budgeting, creative direction, project leadership, and scheduling. 

Previous to video, I was an actor and music composer for the late-night Seattle theater crowd, working with the independent companies AHA! Theater and Seattle Theater Project.  Now, when I'm not engaged in post-production work, you'll still find me working on music, teaching tai chi, or creating fiber arts. There's more than one way to spin a yarn!  

I consistently display exemplary technical, interpersonal, decision-making, and time management skills, as well as the ability to collaborate well with diversely talented team members and coordinate multiple projects simultaneously.  But I always do it with just wee bit of humor and a dash of levity.  :)


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